27 de marzo de 2012


Os adjuntamos un adelanto del fallo del 45 salón
En breve más fotos, el resto de premiadas y más detalles del concurso. Hubo un buen nivel tanto en calidad como en participación.
Los contactos estan situados por orden de premiados en las distintas categorias de colecciones byn y color y fotos individuales byn y color.

Aqui os adjunto los primeros premios de cada categoria en grande.

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  1. I am not sure whether I am in the correct place because I do not understand Spanish language. However, I am on this page of the results of the photo salon in which I am the winner of the image "Fan dancers", (2 BYN A0015_02, code number shown) of the Monochrome Section, I hope to hear from some kind people about my comments. My image is the 2nd image showing two fan dancers. I have been trying very hard to communicate with Mr Rafael Valero, President de AGFOVAL who informed me the results earlier. But there was no further news about the other results of the images I entered. Also how about the award and any catalog to be sent out. I have not received any news of them so far. I have written to Mr Rafael Valero several times, but may be the mails could have not reached him or he could be too busy yet to give me a reply. It was about 3 months from now since my last communication with him. Sorry to have to resort publicly to find out what has happened. My concern about the where-about and well-being of Mr President. Thanks. My sincere apology again if this comments might have offended someone. From Mr Heng Zee Kek, email: hengzk1949@gmail.com


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